Dummy API server

Designed and deployed
especially for your experiments.

API service ready to respond
to your Client Application
with close to real data.

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dummyapi scheme

Dummy API
Real production services with fake data

Motivation: Sandbox API for playing around with close to real data.
Bulk of user data, images, comments for exploration different type of behaviour in client applications.

You can use Dummy API for:

db scheme

Main Dummy API Features:

Cross platform

application/json format simple http API calls
You can use on any platform you want


API routes without authorisation.
Get mocked data from RESTFull API without any restrictions


Full JWT flow for implementing users authorisation experience
Token based authentication for user specific routes, and POST/PUT requests


Discover new technology in your application

Data relations

Complicated data structure for playing around resource/requests optimisation
Different way of data visualisation in your Demo Application


Discrete pages of data, for playing around dynamic data display and representation on UI.

24/7 up time

API deployed on AWS instance with 24/7 accessible, which means 99.99% uptime worldwide.

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