Dummy API

Ready to use API Service full of dummy fake data

Data sandbox API for playing around with real users and post data.
Feel free to use it in your demo projects, tutorials, or testing tasks.
Over 100 fake users, 800+ posts and pictures, 1k+ comments.
There are two types of API interfaces available: REST data API endpoints and GraphQL API.



DummyAPI is a RESTful online fake API, publicly accessible via https.


Access static fake data via the GraphQL interface.

Cross platform

application/json format, Mock JSON dummy API server. Available via REST endpoints or GraphQL.

Data relations

Various data structures and types, with a different type of relations. Including images, text, links, map location data, datetime, and emails.

24/7 uptime

DummyAPI deployed on Google Cloud Platform, which provides 99.9% uptime and fast response time.

Free to use

Free for all users, up to 500 requests per day on a beta phase. Support us on Patreon to get unlimited access.

Use cases

Free Image API - We have a lot of dummy data. You can simply use DummyAPI as a free image API, including metadata for every image. Tags, text and a source link of the image source.
Education, Learning - suitable fake API for any types of tutorials. We try to cover all possible cases that you need to work on real production projects.
Demo page, Portfolio - our non-auth fake API data is perfect for creating a presentation page for libraries and modules. No server-side code, deploying, infrastructure setups, or storing data anymore.
Example: getting only images from API to create slide show module demo-page.
Testing - Dummy API for testing JSON, go deep with Unit tests for Rest API.
Skill evaluation - Want to give your future employee an assignment? Our fake API is great for covering all required areas, starting from simple pagination till auth flow.
Any other cases - We have no restriction for dummy API usage. Data is not real, but close to it, so you have a wide range for play around.

Dummy API Usage Statistic

Response Time
API Call's per day
Last 100 days statistic of API calls per each day.

Our Sponsors

You can become our sponsor on Patreon, we will place a logo and a link to your website in current section.

There two types of sponsorship:
1) 10$+ - We will place a link to your website and a logo.
2) 50$+ - We will place a link(follow) to your website and a logo on a top of a section, and bigger. Also you can provide a small text snippet that describes your company.
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Contact Us
Email: dummyapi.io@gmail.com
We try to do our best for you. Feel free to use our Spectrum Chat to report bugs or discuss with us your experience.
We plan to move forward with the current tool and extend functionality with more data and new features like GraphQL or Auth routes. Your opinion about this steps appreciate.
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