API Data Models

Rest API Data models. Detail fields description, with limitations for Create/Update operations and/or possible values for enum fields.
id: string(autogenerated)
title: string("mr", "ms", "mrs", "miss", "dr", "")
firstName: string(length: 2-50)
lastName: string(length: 2-50)
gender: string("male", "female", "other", "")
email: string(email)
dateOfBirth: string(ISO Date - value: 1/1/1900 - now)
registerDate: string(autogenerated)
phone: string(phone number - any format)
picture: string(url)
location: model(ref:Location)
street: string(length: 5-100)
city: string(length: 2-30)
state: string(length: 2-30)
country: string(length: 2-30)
timezone: string(Valid timezone value ex. +7:00, -1:00)
text: string(length: 6-1000)
image: string(url)
likes: number(init value: 0)
link: string(url, length: 6-200)
tags: array(string)
publishDate: string(autogenerated)
owner: model(ref:User)
title: string(length: 2-100)
id: string(autogenerated)
message: string(length: 2-500)
owner: model(ref:User)
publishDate: string(autogenerated)
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